Sep 10, 2008

Speak. Roll over. Growl.

You know what burns my biscuits? The fact that my biscuits are often burned is that I'm a juvenile hothead, so you can factor that in, but still ...

Today what burns my biscuits is that I'm to be a speaker at a conference, and the conference organizers keep sending me emails asking for this release form and that informational form that I've already submitted.

The first time it happened, I had nothing to show that I'd already sent the form, so I had to go through the process of printing out the form again, filling it out again, faxing it again. I hate faxing.

After that, I learned to create a PDF of the form and email that, which is generally accepted as readily as a fax is, and then archive the email so that when I get the next email saying "Where is your ...? ", then I can re-send the email and add a brief note along the lines of ...

Will someone there please get a clue and stop sending me
emails asking for stuff that I've already submitted?

(Insert irritated breathing here).

If you're a Conference Organizer, today I say to you: Ya Goof!

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