Sep 29, 2007

Wet beggars can't be choosers

Another YMCA-in-the-morning story ...

A few weeks ago, I forgot my towel. It happens from time to time, and not only to me. The Y keeps a supply of towels at the front desk to lend out. You use the towel, take it home, launder it, bring it back. A friend let me in on this one day when he noticed I was drying off with paper towels from the bathroom area.

Except on this day a few weeks ago when I discovered (while still fully clothed!) that I'd forgotten my towel, Darlene at the front desk was fresh out of loaners.

"Wait, I do have these," she said.

"I'll take 'em!"

A set of washcloths, each with a bunny on it! I threw them in on a shelf in the basement after they came out of the wash. I gotta take 'em back on Monday.

Keith, Ya Goof!

Wardrobe malfunctions

I'm coming off a bad week in terms of dressing myself on mornings when I swim.

I wear my swimsuit and sandals out of the house--and my shirt for the day--and take everything else that I need in my gym bag so I can leave right from the YMCA to go to work. Otherwise, I first have to backtrack home.

On Monday, I forgot that I'd need a belt.

On Wednesday, I forgot my shoes.

On Friday, I packed with utmost care and determination. Not until I reached the locker room did I notice that I wasn't carrying anything. I'd forgotten my gym bag entirely.

Sep 27, 2007

1002 ways to goof up (continued)

523. Mistakenly buy runny original Yoplait instead of nice, thick custard-style Yoplait. Mmm.
522. Throw ketchup packets in your purse and forget about them until they burst.
521. ,ods;omh upit gomhrtd pm upit lrunpstf (Translation: Misalign your fingers on a keyboard.)

Sep 7, 2007

1002 ways to goof up (continued)

529. Assemble furniture incorrectly.
528. Stay on hold on the telephone for an hour and then accidentally hang up.
526. Cut up your new credit card that just came in the mail rather than the old one that it replaced.
525. Spill maple syrup on the pants you're about to return.
524. Carefully crease paper to make it tear neatly and then rip it in the wrong place.