Oct 27, 2006


A couple Saturdays ago, I took out a window air conditioner and carried it out the front door. It's a big bulky thing, so I couldn't see where I was going, and I scratched the door on the way out. See? Sigh.

Keith, Ya Goof!

Oct 26, 2006

Our son, the Cokehead

Here's Emmett in this year's Halloween costume, adapted from a prop that I made back in high school. We added a little stability by stuffing a partially-inflated beachball behind his head.

Two words: Proud. Pop.

Oct 21, 2006

Meet Katherine the Smart

Submitted by our new friend Lisa, who wins fantastic chocolate from McIntyre's Candies! Thanks, Lisa!

My daughter Kate, at nine years of age, is the bright one in the family, while her six-year-old brother is the funny guy. Back in June, we were looking for a new home and had just finished touring one when Kate pipes up with "Mom, I bet I know the last name of the people who used to live here." Then she proceeds to spell MIRROR from the box she is looking at beside their mailbox. (We don't get our paper delivered). After I stopped laughing, I explained to her that that was where the newspaper goes.

So Kate, you still get straight A's, but Mom's got to say: Ya Goof!

Oct 18, 2006

Don't tell me I threw it out with the office party video

I've seen this story in a number of places, but I still don't know whether it's actually true ...

NASA lost the original tapes of the first man on the moon?!

If so, someone deserves to hear, REALLY, REALLY LOUD: Ya Goof!!

Oct 5, 2006

Remember me? At Meineke?

I needed an oil change, so I decided to drop my car at Meineke in the morning and get it in the evening. I asked my ol' work pal Carl to pick me up and drop me off.

Even though last time we arranged the same thing, he forgot me.

I remembered that after he did it again today.

Carl, Ya Goof!

Note: The picture above is not the local Meineke. The similarity is: Carl's not there, either.

Oct 1, 2006

Holy Shirtnapping, Batman!

This story has two parts.

A few weeks ago, a shirt appeared in our basement, on the clothesline where we hang laundry after it comes out of the dryer. It was a Batman-oriented shirt, used but still nifty. I'm the Bat-fan of the family, so I thought maybe Janet and/or the kids had come across it in a second-hand shop and brought it home. It hung on the line for a while, and no one claimed it, so I thought that must be the case. I never did actually inquire about it; I just wore it one day around the house, and no one said anything contrary, so that was that. Or so I thought.

It so happened that after church today, (a) I wore the shirt and (b) we had guests for part of the afternoon, brothers Gabe and Kendrick Imler. Gabe is in sixth grade, like Emmett, and Kendrick is age five. Janet picked up a pizza for dinner, and everyone was seated around it at the kitchen table when I came in. It was the first that Gabe or Kendrick had seen of me.

"Hey!" Kendrick said. "My brother has a shirt just like that!"

That's when it first occurred to any of us that Gabe must have left the shirt behind the last time that he slept over. He and I happen to wear about the same size.

"Hmm," said Gabe, quickly latching on. "Have you ever been to Six Flags New England?" (which is where the shirt hailed from.)

"Er ... no," I said. The jig was up.

Above you see Gabe reunited with his shirt. I guess Janet must have made an assumption similar to mine (that the shirt came from a second-hand shop) when she put the shirt in the laundry.

Keith, Ya Goof!