Feb 7, 2006

I'm fine, really. I'll just chew it off.

To: YaGoof!
From: Keith (the dad in the family that hosts YaGoof!)

I was relaxing upstairs when I heard whimpering from another room. I found Emmett (10-year-old-co-co-co-co-host of YaGoof!) lying across the middle of his bed on his stomach with his head against the wall. I thought he might be crying, so I asked if he was okay. He said yes, with no tears in his voice. I started to leave, but something wasn't right. I asked again if he was okay. This time, he admitted that he was stuck. He'd dropped an action figure off the back of the bed, and his arm became trapped between the bed and the wall. I pulled the bed out a little and freed him. Emmett, Ya Goof!